Sushi or Pizza?

Lets go for both! No, that was not my first thought when I went for Mochi. The reason was that it opened only a few months ago and I took a look at their menue on the internet and I had no clue what to expect. Well, yes. I had one that there were so many food items on the menue that I hardly knew of that I just had to try it. On their website it says that they fuse traditional Japanese food culture with all kinds of cuisines. Got it!

Mochi: one of these new culinary addresses where you can find amazingly innovative cuisine

No, in fact I didn’t. So that was the reason why it took me approximately two hundred years to choose my food. So in order to not disappoint the waitress for not choosing anything after staring at the menue for twenty minutes I decided for a starter. I chose two single sushis. Well, they provide you with the fish and you choose whether you like to have it as sushi or sashimi. And since I never had it before and never seen it on a sushi menue before either I chose one scallop sushi and for the other octopus because I hardly get that anywhere in Vienna and was happy to find it here.

Scallop Sushi (right) – I have never had that before

And the sushi was fantastic! Motivated by this success of having chosen just the right starter I thought to myself: “Well, now I chose whatever surprise I can get”. That is why I changed my mind and didn’t take the chicken but the skewer with shiitake mushrooms together with the beef one as my second course. And let me tell you: the shiitake one was one of the highlights!

The shiitake skewer in front was definitely a highlight

And now: the pizza and sushi part! Because now comes the crispy sushi pizza. Pizza because of the shape, sushi because they put raw salmon on top and then they do not bake regular dough but rice. Then you also get cucumbers and a chili mayonnaise on top. And it tasted yammy. First I was trying to eat it with chopsticks but that was not effective so I just ate it with my fingers.

crispy sushi pizza with raw salmon, cucumbers and a chili mayonnaise on top

In the end I paid 22 Euros for everything including beverages which is not quite cheap – on the contrary. This is a restaurant where I would not go every day or go to when I am starving. They serve lunch specials during the week which you can get at reasonable prices.

It is an experience though which you should not miss as the food they serve is really nice and of high quality. And so I would say judging from the quality of the food the prices are reasonable but not low. It is also a nice restaurant when you want to meet with friends and have a snack with your cocktail. But be aware that the restaurant is quite busy and reserving a table is only possible for the evening during week days and for both lunch and dinner on Saturday.

You can find the restaurant by getting off at U1 Nestroyplatz and walking towards the city centre at the right side of Praterstrasse and when the street makes a turn to the left towards the bridge you ignore that and keep walking on the right side towards Schwedenplatz passed the Nestroy statue and few meters further is the restaurant.

Info: Restaurant Mochi (, Praterstrasse 15, A-1020 Vienna; phone: +43/1/925 13 80; mail:; opening hours: Mon – Sat 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (sundays closed)

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Marcello says: Huge Pizza!!

Yes, it is a bit bobo but lets face it: bobo is popular. So if it is not for Vapiano then it is now eatalico. Sure, you don’t get the food by yourself but you can sit down and have it served by the waiter, which turns out to be an advantage.


At the Galaxy Tower right on Praterstrasse

The menu is not like in other pizza places (Pizzeria) where you have ten pages loaded with pizza but the number of pizza is very limited. What I find interesting is that they serve “white pizza” – pizza without tomato sauce but with sour cream instead. That is more like a Tarte flambee Italian style – hm, well kind of an interesting combination. But we all live in Europe … so.

Anyhow. The main mission here is: try the pizza. Whereas Vapiano is more of a pasta place here you eat pizza. And you don’t eat any kind of pizza but you eat one baked in a wood stone oven that can reach 500 degrees celsius … judging from the crust of my pizza I believe it. But I shouldn’t be too critical. The pizza was served fast and it was huge. It has 45 centimeter in diameter and that means that it is for 2 persons not just for one.

Pizza gigantic

The pizza is definitely worth a try - in this case: Pizza Prima Vera

Yes, the plate was too small and so it was a challenge to cut the pizza without cleaning the table with the rest of it. But when like half of the pizza was gone it was much easier. And the taste was yummy. The tomato sauce on top was really good. And I had the veggie pizza (Prima Vera) with grilled veggies on it. And it was really great. There were aubergines, zucchini and artichokes. After more than half of the pizza I was stuffed though and so I had to ask the waiter for a doggy bag. So the pizza can definitely be shared by two people – no problem. The price of 10,- Euros for that pizza was decent. It is not the cheap pizza place but it does not appear that way anyhow.

It is a place where people from the offices in the area are going for lunch. The waiters are very friendly. If you need WiFi  ask the waiter for the password. They also accept credit cards and there is a weekly special menue as well.

Posters from old Movies - thats when they definitely won my sympathy

All in all I like this new restaurant and I have to say I like the pizza much better than the one at Vapiano. And so I would say la dolce vita is waiting for you at eatalico in Vienna

Info: Restaurant eatlico (; Praterstrasse 31, 1020 Vienna; Phone: 0043 1 212 62 73; Mail:; Opening Hours: Mon. – Sat. 11:00 a.m. – midnight; Sun. noon – midnight; All major credit cards; You can reach the restaurant by getting off at U1 Nestroyplatz and taking the exit “Komödiengasse”