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Christmas Gift for Cats


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Christmas toys for kittens: Contains 10 fun toys, a variety of bendable balls, teasing sticks, cushions and bells, etc. Sisal cat toys are suitable for cats to bite and scratch, squeaky toys and bell toys will instantly attract your kitten’s attention.
Safe and High Quality Materials: The toys are made from high quality plastic, string, plush and cotton. It is harmless and non-toxic to animals. Your cat will be entertained for hours every day.
Interactive: keep your cat active with wands, feathers and all the interactive toys. It can heighten your pet’s curiosity and instincts. Rainbow colors make toys even more fun. Get the most out of your cat’s game! And effectively promote your relationship with your pet. It’s the Christmas treat your pet deserves. Translated with (free version)
KEEP YOUR CAT HEALTHY: These fun toys can be used to engage your cat and increase their exercise capacity, helping them lose weight and stay healthy.
THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT: The Christmas stocking wrap is the perfect gift for all cat owners. You will love it! You can also decorate your Christmas tree


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